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I'm now giving out 2 more awards: Excellent Site Award & Beautiful Site Award. I'm still giving out the Paw of Approval award. All awards have the same criteria. Good Luck!

Paw of Approval Award!

Beautiful Site Award!

Excellent Site Award!

1)Site must be family-friendly, no adult sites or sites that promote hatred of any kind.
2) Easy to Navigate.
3)Website must not freeze my computer for as long as 2 minute.
{Note: If I REALLY like your website, I'll give you either a Gold Or Silver Award. You cannot apply for these awards.}

Silver Award!

Gold Award!

Your full name:

Your email address: (e.g.: you@aol.com)


Name Of Your Site:

Type Of Award:(If you would like me to chose your award,click Any{Doesn't include Gold And Silver Awards})

Comments or More Information about your Site:

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